Expert services

Our experts ensure that the entire project runs smoothly, providing you with an efficient process and reliable system.






Design services

With our design services, you can get the most from digitalization and boost your growth with the Internet of Things (IoT). This will result in more efficient operations, while helping you break new ground, even globally.


Installation services

Our skilled installation technicians guarantee that your installation meets all the requirements.






Maintenance services

Maximize your productivity! We enable you to carry out your operations without unnecessary stoppages. Our maintenance services help to minimize downtime and delays in your processes. Many of our partners have opted for our maintenance services to ensure reliable production operations and to boost productivity.


Electrical components and compensation devices

When you need spare parts, we can deliver high-quality electrical- and automation-system components quickly and reliably.

We can help you both protect the environment and promote energy-efficiency. We supply power capacitors to make production more energy-efficient. With power capacitors, you can increase the capacity of the electricity network and create savings. We supply Frako power capacitors and accessories.